TSWH-3 __________________________________________________________



• With/without wire feeding TIG DC/pulse welding
• Continuous rotation weld head with no cable twist
• Suitable for Tungsten electrodes 1/16 up to 1/8
• Expandable pneumatic mandrel for easy positioning
• Easily connects to the spring balancer - suitable for tube to tube sheet welding (boiler industry)
• Compatible with manipulator - useful within the heat exchange industry
• Material types - carbon and stainless steel, and other alloys
• For flush tube, recessed and protruding tube ends
• Arc voltage control (AVC) for consistent torch height

Diameter Range mm (inches)16-60mm expandable to 80mm   (.630"-2.36" expandable to 3.15")
Rotation Speed (rpm)0.37 - 7.39rpm 
Arc Voltage Adjustment mm (inches)20mm (.79") 
Welding Torch Angle 0°- 30° 
Welding Current/Duty Cycle300A at 70% 
Wire Feeding Speed mm/min (inches/min)2200mm/min  (86.6"/min) 
Wire Diameter mm (inches)0.8, 0.9, 1.0mm  (.030", .035", .040") 
Cooling Water  
Joint TypeFlush, protruding or recessed
Weight kg (lbs)13kg (28lbs) 
Dimensions (mm)545 x 292 x 509mm 
Dimensions (inches)21.5" x 11.5" x 20" 

Orbital Welding Heads, Tips and Feeders