• Durable and stable steel construction
• Linear track for each axis for smooth and reliable operation
• Three-axis pneumatic locking system
• Two fixed and flexible wheels, easy to move
• For tube to tube sheet weld heads
• Patented design                


 Milimeters  Inches
Height Between Tube and Ground  550~1550mm 21.7"~61"
X–axis Traverse 1500mm 59"
Y-axis Traverse 1000mm 39.5"
Z-axis Traverse 500mm 19.7"
Weight  260kg 572 lbs
Dimension  2112 x 1002 x 1880mm 83"x39.5"x74"



• Convenient for moving
• Adjustable weight loading range
• For tube to tube sheet weld heads

Loading (kg/lbs) 9 - 15kg 20 - 33
Traverse (mm/inches) 2mm  78.7"
Weight (kg/lbs) 3.8kg  8.5 lbs

Tube to Tube Sheet Welding