TPH-WH-S | HORIZONTAL WELD STATION____________________________________


• Horizontal TIG welding with or without wire feed
• No twist design for water, electric, gas hose and wire feed systems

• Mandrel positioning, pneumatic clamp system to achieve stable and reliable production
• Commonly used for locomotive brake systems, hydraulic pipes and high pressure hydraulic systems

• Easily connects to tubing or pipes

Diameter Range mm (inches) 17-66mm (.67"-2.6")
Weight kg (lbs) 120kg (264lbs)
Cooling Water
Joint Type Tube-flange, tube-tube, tube-elbow etc. (clamp required)
Rotation Speed (rpm) 1-10rpm
Rated Welding Current 300A, Duty Cycle 70%
Wire Feeding Speed mm (inches) 2200mm/min   (86"/min)
Wire Diameter mm (inches) 0.8mm-1.0mm  (.030"-.040")
Angle (°) 10-45° (adjustable - positive angle only)
Power Source OW-ARC 400 welding power source
Dimensions (mm) 520 x 800 x 1420
Dimensions (inches) 20.5" x 31.5" x 56"

PH-O SERIES | PIPE WELDING HEADSTOCK (OPEN)______________________________


• Unique open design convenient for large production areas
• Motorized three-jaw chuck positioning system to automatically center tube or pipe
• Anti-spatter headstock design
• Commonly used with MIG/MAG welding
• Can be used with MIG or TIG root welding, may also be used with PAW, SAW and other welding processes
• Designed for easy loading of large components
• Suitable for shipbuilding, chemical, nuclear plants and other prefab industries

PH-O Series  
Diameter Range mm (inches) 19-114mm (.75"-4.5")
Loading Capacity (kg) 200
Loading Capacity (lbs) 440lbs
Max. Torque (N m) 125
Max. Torque (lbf ft) 92
Power (kw) 0.07
Power 0.09
Center Height (mm) 375
Center Height (inches) 14.75"
Dimension (mm) 300 x 252 x 475
Dimension (inches) 12" x 10" x 19"


TPF-WS | TUBE AND PIPE FLANGE WELDING SYSTEM___________________________


• Commonly used for ship tube and flange welding
• Automatic self-checking tube and flange assembly
• Up to four torches for simultaneous or separate tube/flange welds
• Reliable mechanism structure designed to minimize tube/flange deviation

• Suitable for shipbuilding, chemical, nuclear plants and other prefab industries


 TPF-WS System
Wall Thickness mm (inches) Tube: 3.5 - 28mm Tube: .138" - 1.1"
Flange: 5 - 80mm Flange: .196 - 3.15"
Workpiece Length mm (inches) 48-219, 1000-6000mm (1.890"-8.62", 40"-236")

60- 480, 1000-9000mm (2.36"-18.9", 40"-354")
  219-914, 1000-12000mm (8.62"-36", 40"-472")
Max. Capacity Diameter mm (inches) kg (lbs) 48-168mm, 1000kg 1.89"-6.61", 2200lbs
60-480mm, 3000kg 2.36"-18.9", 6600lbs
219-914mm, 5000kg 8.62"-36", 11000lbs

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